Little Old Manatee

I was swimming around in our canal when God sent an angel…

My dad snapped this pic

… in the form of a manatee.

Indiana – the world’s most jealous mammal – having an absolute heart attack this thing was potentially receiving any kind of love from me

All animals are angels. Take my word for it.

Quick fact, manatees were downgraded from endangered to threatened in 2017. Some of the laws that helped achieve this also state that if I laid a hand on or gave fresh water to this viejita (= little old lady) I would face hefty fines and possibly jail time. 

I would be reprimanded for helping another animal. 

Yes, ‘another.’ People tend to forget we are animals – no matter how capable our thumbs or shiny our gadgets. 

I understand the goal is to not let animals get used to human interaction because – albeit, humans are occasionally evil and destructive. 

But I think our logic is flawed. Let’s fix the humans… not turn our backs on the animals. 

We cannot lead a life separate from nature and our counterparts. Instead of teaching humans to stay away from animals (and vice versa) shouldn’t we teach people to live with animals? 

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me comments below ❤

Stay Fascinated

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